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"Advertising is saying you're good. PR is getting someone else to say you're good." - Jean-Louis Gassee

Corporate Communications

The bread and butter of what we do is traditional corporate communications, which is as relevant today as it was half a century ago – and that need is only growing. Companies of every size must be proactive in communicating their products and services to the market. Despite a changing media environment and new digital channels, every business as it grows needs a dedicated corporate communications capability to engage with stakeholders through traditional media channels including broadcast (television and radio), print (newspapers and magazines), and online (digital editions of leading publications, newsportals and blogs).


While digital is here to stay, the traditional media is not going anywhere and continue to wield the most influence over global business conversations and communications.

Media Relations

We know the media, but those relationships are not enough. Journalists are still beholden to their editors, and even managing editors must answer to their owners and shareholders. As such, media relations are about more than who you know. It’s about knowing how to craft a good story, how to keep your client on a newspaper or TV station’s radar, and how to be there for a journalist when they need a credible source for a story.


As we work across multiple industries and markets, we are always communicating on behalf of our clients with leading publications and journalists. Over time, we are building our clients’ mindshare with them, establishing trust and enduring credibility. Through good media relations we generate coverage, yes, but we also protect – and build – our clients’ reputations.


Good content tells a story. Poor content lacks editorial credibility. To engage at the highest levels of the media, brands must know the difference. For business owners and executives, it is necessary to step back from their daily roles and ask: what macro trends and current affairs am I a part of? Where can I lend credible comment and insights that might help wider audiences understand a broad or global issue?


Through our knowledge of the media landscape and news cycles, we have our finger on the pulse of what constitutes real thought leadership. Through our content services, we help our clients bridge that divide and establish positions as genuine thought leaders.

We work with our clients in two ways:

Project – a project generally lasts around 4-6 weeks (though this varies) and is centred around a particular news point. Examples of a project may include a funding round, a product launch or a new partnership


Retainer – a retainer can last from three months to three years or longer. A retainer allows us to generate a consistent and continuous drumbeat of coverage, secure great event speaking slots, develop relevant content and raise the profile of our clients over the long term